Trace a Silk Route to Koh Dach – The Silk Island of Cambodia

Phnom Penh is one of Asia’s relatively unknown gems; one of the many Asian cities stuck between the splendor of the past and the reality of modern urbanization. Modern development is still in its uncomfortable and insecure youth in the city, but the dignity of the royal palace, the unobstructed wildlife that creates green views of the shores of To-L and Mekong, and the pristine fishing villages along their shores – each exudes a unique charm that can’t spread the recent horrors and devastating wars.

One of the best ways to enjoy this unique mix of Cambodia’s wildlife and culture is to map a boat or take a ferry along the Mekong River. The worries and cancers that pollute modern life are increasingly disappearing with every rippling winding water, and soon in the fleeting installation of shrimp farms, high-rise farms and full-village people who seem to have come off the pages of history without haste. It’s time. made history.

Ko Dach is an island village with a special note of a collection of picturesque settlements along the river. This strip of land on the Mekong River takes only 30 square kilometers, or an hour by boat on the river from Phnom Penh, and is commonly known as the Silk Weaving Island. Spinning and dyeing silk are the main industries of people, thousands of silk weavers are occupied by beavers producing incredible yards of fabric, the decadent softness of which has earned them a reputation that spreads almost all over the world.

At first glance, the village is a typical house on stilts and the identity of all other villages. However, if you look closely, it creates a rustic loom under almost any house: some people use the wheels of bicycle parts to spin thin silk threads, while others paint the fabric in rainbow tones. Although you can see many Silk factoryes along the way, the rich industry and dedication of these workers make Koh Dah a truly unique sight.

Islanders are anything but a pony with one trick – they also own many other types of crafts such as pottery, wood carving, jewelry carving, painting and craftsmanship, making it one of the best places to buy souvenirs. It is also free to buy silk, bypassing intermediaries, but you can not expect big discounts, because sellers on the mainland rarely retain a very high profit margin from silk.

The island itself is a small piece of tropical paradise with a white sandy beach to the north, which is an idyllic place for sunbathing and swimming in the dry season.

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