Silk Laminated Business Cards With Spot UV

As you may have guessed, laminated silk cards aren’t really covered in silk. If they were like that, they would be 50 times more expensive and probably wouldn’t have withstood the quick rotation in your pocket, let alone a thunderstorm. In fact they are laminated with a thin plastic film that has been brushed to create a sleek and luxurious look. We use the word laminate because “coverage” doesn’t accurately describe the process. During lamination, the thin film is fully and permanently glued to the cardboard, making the final product completely water resistant and resistant to tearing.

Silk lamination obviously has several obvious advantages, namely: it makes your business cards extremely durable and gives them a neat look and silkiness. However, there is one drawback: the process of gluing slightly changes the color of your cards. If the perfect combination of colors is important for your business cards, because your design includes the logo of a company with a strong brand, for example, silk lamination may not be the best option.

Elite leaflets with silk laminated business cards start with business cards on a dense cardboard 16 items printed in full color using quality ink. The process envelops the map, and it itself looks impressive. But these cards are also a popular base for adding other premium business cards. Because the silk laminate is matte, the bright UV accents stand out in high contrast. By the way, Spot UV is a glossy transparent print style. UV accents reflect light, giving the cards a look that changes depending on the angle at which you hold them. When you give people laminated silk business cards printed with UV accents, it’s pretty much a guarantee that the first thing they do is flip the cards in their palms to see the light of UV elements. Seriously, the second thing they’re likely to do is say, “Oooh!”

As we mentioned, our business cards are printed in full color, but some of the most popular silk cards we printed used only a few colors. Perhaps because silk laminate is so attractive in itself, simple one-, two- or tricolor patterns seem to be better suited to this technique. Only one color can be used as a silky background, with a logo or name in the UV area. We know it sounds simple, but some of the most famous cards we’ve printed have used this simple technique. On the other hand, a very loaded design usually looks muddy under a matte finish. If you have any design questions, seek advice from our design team.

So what kind of business people look best on silk laminate? We believe that anyone who wants to radiate luxury and quality is a good candidate. Wedding organizers, nightclub owners, florists, masseuses, spa owners, interior designers, hairdressers and make-up artists, fashion designers and boutique owners – here are a few examples that come to mind.

Elite Flyers premium business cards are much cheaper than our competitors, but they are clearly not as cheap as regular cards. If you’re not sure if point UV-lamination is the best solution for your business cards, request a free set of samples in our online typography to compare different styles of printing business cards.

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