When to Wear a Silk Tie

Silk ties are the most popular ties. Of course, there are ties of polyester, wool and even ties made of cardboard, but among them always preferred ties of silk. Why? What’s in the tie?

First of all, note that silk ties are made in different ways. They differ from the material from which certain attributes are made – the same criteria that should be considered when buying ties. Silk ties can be woven from silk or stuffed silk. Weaving silk is preferable to stuffed silk. Braided silk ties have texture and depth, unlike silk ties with a print, only flat and smooth. The weight of silk ties also varies. Thicker silk ties fit better. You can also look at other details such as lining, texture, shape and design.

There are special occasions when silk ties are best suited, but in general silk ties are best worn with formal clothing and at official events.

For example, there are only official events, such as weddings, memorial services, festive celebrations. In such times, wearing silk ties is the norm and is considered the norm. If you’re not wearing a tie right now, you’re already in your underwear.

This is almost the same rule when you put on a tie for an official, posh dinner or date.

The classic colors of silk ties are black, white and silver. They can be bright monochrome or with a patterned pattern. These colors are best suited for events with a black tie. White, silver or light colors, such as blue or pink, are popular colors for wedding ties, and monochrome ties are great for evening events.

Silk ties are also often worn with office clothing. Silk ties can be worn in both formal and casual business clothes. And why not, wearing silk fabric not only indicates a formality and suggests a fashionable style, but also always gives impetus to the professional image. With one small exception on Wednesdays washing or on Fridays, where men can wear fashionable ties (some new ties are also made of silk). But for official corporate events, silk ties are usually part of the dress code. Silk ties are simply necessary for business meetings, conferences or office presentations.

Of course, there are exceptions. Evaluate some cases where wearing a tie is more than unnecessarily. The best reason to remove a tie from the dress code is for security reasons; when you wear it, you already pose a health risk in the workplace or in your industry.

For example, if your job requires you to work or manage mechanisms, obfuscation is possible. High-risk professions, no matter how noble they may be, are also rethinking the wearing of a tie. For police officers, communication could have been used in sexual assault; it can be difficult at some point to sink to suffocate, suffocate or block the airways. In the world of medicine, belts are not usually used for hygienic reasons. Links can put patients at risk of infection. You’re unlikely to see a surgeon in the E.R. department or or. with a tie hanging from the collar.

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