Making a Silk of High Quality Takes Time and Effort

The process of collecting and producing silk products is a huge task. Whether it’s clothes or even a silk tapestry, the fact is that it’s a big deal. While most of us know where it came from, and may even know how to assemble the fabric, most of the facts surrounding its production still confuse many. Many people do not suspect that the fabric we wear today is collected at home. Of course, there are mulberry silkworms that produce it in the wild; but this type is not usually used to make goods.

The actual production process is quite a complex and time-consuming task. It takes a lot of work to produce a small amount of silk fiber. This is one of the reasons why such expensive goods as silk dress, scarves, tie, white silk blouse or even silk flower. Its production takes place on silk farms.

Eggs lay silkworm, which is not really a worm, but a caterpillar Bombyxmori. Each female caterpillar can lay hundreds of eggs each month. The eggs are then placed in an incubator until they are ready to hatch, which is usually four to six weeks. At the moment they are at the stage of pupation, that is, when their own substance is produced. But even at the moment it is still very far from a silk product that can be produced and sold.

In fact, there are several methods of getting it from cocoons. One way to swallow clean silk fibers is to place cocoons in boiling water. This can cause the ends of the thread to loosen and allow the fabric to be cultivated. If the caterpillar is allowed to get out of the cocoon on its own, it will spoil the fabric, as the silk will burst and will remain in much shorter threads. Although it is only a method of tissue restoration, it is one of the most widely used in silk products.

It takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that it is properly grown with very high quality silk. For the population this means that the products they buy are of good quality and made from the highest possible fiber. So, the next time you think about smooth silk fabric, stop and think about everything you need to create these luxuries.

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