Today’s business is driven by perception and impressions. Companies allocate huge budgets for their marketing and promotion activities because they realize the need to influence the customers that so many people attract. You can work wonders with well-designed and printed cards to support your marketing and trading initiatives. Silk businessContinue Reading

The love of silk sari, which can be seen through ramps, red carpets, movies and TV shows, is part of the trend of ethnic rebirth, but ultimately goes much further. It represents a renewed interest in the treasury of ancient Indian techniques and local handicrafts not only for “traditional” cases,Continue Reading

Burmese craftsmanship in weaving cotton and silk has a long tradition, and the country has long been known for the elegance and complexity of weaving silk. However, there is something that distinguishes a special group of Burmese weavers from the rest of the world’s weavers. Do you want to knowContinue Reading

If you are wondering where most of your silk comes from and what is being done in these countries, let’s take a look at the silk industry itself in Thailand, Japan and China to find out exactly what it produces and how. Silk production in Thailand is highly specialized. TheContinue Reading

Do you buy a silk tie for yourself or your friends? Do you need a birthday present or something to wear to a wedding, party or convention? Don’t forget the silk ties. He’s going to love giving me a silk tie. The following tips earned him compliments. Links to theContinue Reading

Silk ties are the most popular ties. Of course, there are ties of polyester, wool and even ties made of cardboard, but among them always preferred ties of silk. Why? What’s in the tie? First of all, note that silk ties are made in different ways. They differ from theContinue Reading

Silk flowers have become an integral part of modern home and business decoration. As a result, the silk flower business has grown rapidly in recent years, and the retail business is benefiting enormously from it. Most retailers rely on silk wholesalers who can sell them a large amount of silkContinue Reading